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November 14th, 2011, 12:43 am

Time, she do fly.

It's been several weeks, check that, months, since my last news update. I think I've touched on this before, but I don't think that my readers want to hear me talk x amount of times per week unless I really have something to say. I know of some webcomics where the authors feel it's mandatory to inject a few paragraphs at the least after they post each comic. Hell, maybe they know what they're doing.

I just wanted to bring you all up to speed on a few things happening in my life. Looks like I'll be moving away from D.C. and heading back to Maine. I just haven't been able to find any work out here beyond a fry cook. I've tried temp agencies, government agencies, and asking random people on the street, but the stink of the matter is we're in a recession (soon to be a depression), there are hiring freezes all across my field of study, and it costs more than twice as much to live out here than back in my hometown of Portland Maine.

So is Mona leaving D.C. too when she runs out of money? Will she try and sell perfume at an upscale clothing store - you know - maybe the kind of place Tegan would go to buy some new shoes? Will she sleep in her car? Become a stripper? Who's to say!

I should be back in Portland by December 15th, give or take a day, so things will be a little hectic for me in the meantime. Fortunately that shouldn't affect the release of my comics, and if, god forbid, I have to skip a day as I get resettled, I'll be sure to let you know.

Hope you're all doing well - I hope you continue to enjoy my comic, and I hope you're all good to each other.

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