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June 13th, 2011, 9:04 am

Sequential Art & Pacing

One of the tricky things about drawing a webcomic is pacing. If I only update once a week, what does that do to the flow of story? Four-panel strips don't seem to cut it; especially if it's a story arc that's meant to cover five strips. For instance, Richter discovering his sister was in town, taking Nina out for ice cream, and then having to get Monet to babysit would have taken over a month if I only produced those strips once a week.

So what's the alternative? Writing in bigger gaps in time between each four-panel strip? Creating a larger strip each week? You can see the bind I'm in. I mean, just today, Adam shoved Monet in the face! There's tension there. You want to see what happens next, and you don't want to have to wait seven days. I certainly wouldn't.

For the short term, I'm planning on addressing this challenge with a combination of longer weekly strips, when appropriate, and smaller "bonus" strips when able. For instance, I'm probably going to release a second strip this week, just a regular four-panel follow-up. I won't be doing that EVERY week, most likely, but I sure as hell want to produce more than 52 strips a year.

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