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June 9th, 2011, 5:19 pm

Hard At Work

Hey everyone,

It feels weird to only be releasing strips once a week for the time being, but I know ultimately it's for the best. I've got several in reserve waiting to go already, and I'm forging ever forward.

As an admittedly neophyte artist it's amusing to look back at my first strips and see the difference in technique over such a short period of time. When I started, I didn't know jack about so many elementary concepts of art, such as differing line weights for emphasis, proper perspective, etc.

It's still rough, and I'm still constantly trying to better myself. I'm much more confident with my profile shots now, but the next beast to slay is backgrounds, especially complex backgrounds. Oh, how they scare me. As you can tell, I have a habit of cheating by merely drawing different tones of color as a pseudo-background, or what I affectionately refer to as "The Buckley Zone."

The biggest news this week is Elisa Doucette has been kind enough to start featuring Digital Adhesive on her blog. Now, when I say the word "blog," I don't mean it in the sense that every teenager and their mother has a blog. Elisa's blog,, is one of the most well-written pieces of work to be found on the internet. With concise words and razor wit she writes about life lessons, relationships, activism, and truth. She has been featured in such publications as The Boston Globe, The Portland Press Herald, and Forbes Women.

Please, give her site some love. She deserves it.

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